Thursday, September 2, 2010

I don't dream.

I have this fantasy where I take a long walk, up a hill. just to kill time, but when I'm there, I find a man, who has hung himself, it's apparent he's been there for a few weeks now, his flesh is quite rotten, and I push him. The position he's chosen to do this is perfect for a rope swing, so he starts swinging like a child fucked up on sugar, gaining height with every push.
But after weeks of decay, the cadaver has began degrading quite sufficiently, and I push him one last time, and the shaft of bone connecting his skull to his spinal column eases apart, and I watch in slight unease as his frame gets torn and isolated on the rocks below.
I never know why I do this, but the next part repeatedly involves me taking his place, there's no blood or maggots or what ever left on the rope, I never imagine it that detailed, but for the most part I get a kick off the rock, which is always less then adequate.
Then I'll have a fantasy, where I find a man who has hung himself on top of a hill.
But the best part is always that I know, that no one will ever know where I am, so no one will ever disturb me, but I'm wrong everytime

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